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Looking to save some money on a new carbon fiber paintball tank?  Swap My Tank is the ONLY store that accepts trade-ins!  That's right, your old carbon fiber tank will earn you a discount on a brand new Ninja paintball tank!

Do you want the first chance at our refurbished tanks?  Sign up for our facebook page  or Twitter feed .  Whenever we add a tank to inventory, we'll post about it there!

Swap My Tank At NPPL, PSP, and Other Events!

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We are very excited to offer players a chance to swap their tanks at PSP, NPPL, and other major events!  We've partnered with Ninja Paintball to accept used tanks for a trade-in credit toward a new Ninja Paintball air system.  The trade-in credit can be applied toward ANY new Ninja tank and regulator system in-stock at the Ninja Paintball booth. 

To find out the trade-in value of your used paintball tank, stop by the Ninja Paintball booth and ask for Ray.  He'll take a look at your tank and offer you a trade-in credit that you can use immediately.

Click here  for more info and a list of events where you can swap your tank!

About Our New Tanks


About Our Refurbished Tanks


About Our Tank Swap Program

Swap My Tank carries the complete line of Ninja Paintball tanks.  If they offer it, we sell it! 

With all of our tanks, you can choose the regulator that's right for you.  Want a red Ninja 45ci/4500psi tank with a Ninja GS SMP regulator for your Ego 11?  No problem.  All of our tanks are assembled to your specifications, so you can order any Ninja regulator for ANY tank--new OR used!


All refurbished tanks, unless otherwise noted, have undergone hydrostatic testing and a visual inspection by a DOT authorized facility.  The regulators on our refurbished tanks have either been refurbished or replaced, as identified in the tank's description.  

Have a used tank that you want to trade in?  Just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Fill out this form and send in a couple of pictures of your tank.  You'll receive a trade in offer within 3 business days.

2.   When you receive your trade in offer, you'll receive a discount code.  Shop for your new tank and use the discount code at checkout.

3.  Ship your old tank to us.  Your new tank will ship within 2 business days of us receiving your old tank.